Lewis Students Rewarded With Kickboxing Demo

More than 300 students participated in this event after displaying good behavior during the school's second grading period.

Instead of hitting the books Friday, Lewis Elementary School students could be found just “kickin’ it.”

A total of 331 students participated in Kickin’ It With Good Behavior, a reward they received for being good during the school’s second grading period.

“This year, Lewis Elementary has implemented a new program called, PBS, Positive Behavior Support, in which students obtain PAWS tickets for good behavior from teachers, administrators, and staff members,” wrote Tiffany Sperry in an announcement on Temple Terrace Patch. “Students are able to spend their tickets on school-wide prizes or save them for a big event.”  

Students needed 40 tickets for Kickin’ It With Good Behavior. Mrs. Garris, a first-grade teacher and fitness instructor, and Ms. Meyerson, a fifth-grade teacher, led students in a 15-minute kickboxing demonstration to music.

“Our assistant principal, Mrs. Rabeiro is very excited about this program and states, ‘Our students are taking pride in making good behavior choices!’” Sperry wrote. “Great job students!”

Read the full announcement here: Lewis Students Awarded with Kickin’ It With Good Behavior.

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Alex January 30, 2013 at 08:43 PM
Really?! Reminds me the time the company I worked for rewarded us with a free bag of cold popcorn for passing an audit. Take them to the firehouse and let them play on the trucks or spray the hose! Even a MOSI field trip!
Alex January 30, 2013 at 08:45 PM
Also look at the girl in the middle, she definitely isn't having fun! Most of the kids look bored out of their minds!
von Roman February 18, 2013 at 11:15 PM
My daughters had fun and I can say that it's a delight to see our wonderful teachers show they are also talented in areas outside of just teaching. You need to keep kids moving. It appears most children are obsessed with electric gadgets as replacement for just having fun and playing outside. Good for you kids! Congratulations and keep up the awesome work! I love to see Mrs. Garris out there with the kids!


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