City to Discuss Redevelopment Project Today

The workshop will take place at City Hall at 9 a.m. and will be televised live.

The to discuss the downtown redevelopment project.

The workshop will take place at the Council Chambers at at 9 a.m. and will be  live on Verizon Channel 39 and Bright House Channel 950. It is open to the public, but no public comment will be taken.

Some Temple Terrace Patch readers are fired up about the workshop and the progress that developer Vlass Temple Terrace has made on the project so far.

In March, . The plan called for several changes to the master development agreement (MDA), a city document that outlines what the developer can and can’t do.

Since then, both sides have argued over putting retail on the first floor of the apartment buildings; ceiling heights on the first floor of the apartment buildings; the amount of parking spaces at the site; and other issues.

“Why are we still entertaining changing the MDA?” commented reader on . “Council for the fifteenth time, the majority of people who you represent do not want this 'apartment' complex. The plan does not comply with the MDA, end of story.”

“Well said,” replied reader .

Reader wondered how Vlass is promoting the site to potential businesses.

“Does Vlass have a website for this project, with projected buildings, rent figures, etc?” he wrote. “I am meaning a marketing site... I think it would help to have some social media/website/mobile marketing effort for those who are interested in buying or renting space there.”

Readers “” and “” discussed the ownership of the property.

“If Vlass walks away they still own the vast majority of the land, they could just leave it as is and fight legal battles for 10 plus years,” Concerned Resident said.

“Vlass ‘owns’ the property based on if they build what is in the Master Development Agreement they signed, and if they do not stop work for an extended time,” Temple Terrace resident replied. “If either line is crossed, it is breach of contract, and we can pay them for the work they have done and find another developer.”

“Council stand tough!” Temple Terrace resident also said. “Let’s stop being desperate beggars! This project doesn’t need to be done in anyone’s office term, it does not hang on Vlass’s involvement.”

Because today’s meeting is in the form of a workshop, the council (acting as the TTRA) cannot vote on any issues. The workshop is for discussion purposes only.

What do you think the City Council should ultimately do? Should the Vlass group be allowed to move forward with the 214-unit apartments? Should the city find another developer altogether? Is there a compromise? Tell us in the comments.

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Chris Ruane September 01, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Over building apartments years ago is what got us into this mess. We do NOT need more apartments. We do NOT want more apartments. How about a truly multi use building--city hall and performing arts center? Thank you, Chris Ruane
Carol Dell September 04, 2012 at 02:18 PM
This meeting was a continuation of the Redevelopment Agency Workshop that was held on Tuesday, Aug, 28....it was also a continuation of Vlass's requests to change the MDA. Both side will really have to compromise on ground floor retail, marketing, ceiling heights for the ground floor (for retail or retail conversions) and parking issues. It is a shame that we cannot be loyal to the original plan the citizens of Temple Terrace want and deserve. Is each Phase of the Redevelopment going to be this highly contested by Vlass? Will they continually ask for changes in the MDA so that we get something far removed from the original plan? Carol Dell
Carol Dell September 04, 2012 at 03:10 PM
FYI...there will be a public meeting on September 18 before the Council votes on the changes to the MDA during their Council meeting that night.


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