City Installs Its First QR Code Sign

Temple Terrace is one of the first Florida cities to use the “cutting-edge” technology for smartphone users.

Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce President Phil Lentsch was at  on Wednesday afternoon when Temple Terrace installed its first  sign.

He said QR codes can provide interactivity for smartphone users, making them an effective marketing tool.

And as the city continues to install its QR code signs around town, officials said they are hoping to effectively market Temple Terrace.

“It’s cutting-edge technology,” said Robert Gordon, the city’s director of public works, of the codes. “With more and more people using smartphones, this is an effective way to transmit information quickly.”

Although the codes look like a jumbled mess of black and white squares, they are barcodes that smartphones are able to scan. Smartphone users can download applications that read the codes (such as the “QR Code Reader for iPhone,” or “QR Droid” or “QR Barcode Scanner” in the Android Marketplace) and be instantly connected to a website, text or any other data that is encoded.

In addition to City Hall, Temple Terrace will be installing the signs at the , and the . Smartphone users who scan the codes in front of city buildings will be taken to the city’s website. Scanning the code in front of the chamber office will connect users to the chamber’s website.

“Temple Terrace is among the first cities in Florida to utilize QR codes on signs at city facilities,” said Mike Dunn, the city’s public information officer. “The city is working with the Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce to create and erect the signs.”

Temple Terrace plans to eventually add the signs to its , neighborhood parks and other prominent areas, Dunn said.

tammy September 01, 2011 at 12:40 AM
love my droid, love that someone is coming into the new age in the chamber....now if we could only get congress to step into the new technology age...


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