Make Your Holiday Season Memorable and Bright with Help from The Live Well Network Family

Hosts from Live Well Network original programming offer tips to help you and your family have a successful holiday.


"When you are holiday shopping always ask store clerks if there is another way to save. Many stores have in-store coupons and loyalty programs. You'll never know if you never ask! Plus - not every sale sign you see is a good deal. Be sure to double check and not make any quick decisions." 

-Kat Cosley, Host of Deals 


"Cook with seasonal ingredients. Your meals will taste better when you use the food that is most fresh this time of year. The best way to find what’s seasonal in your area is to stop by your local farmer's market. Then plan your meal around what was available. Your taste buds will be glad you did."

-Chef Ryan Scott, Host of Food Rush


"We all know decorations can be expensive, so before you go out and buy a ton for the holidays, think about what you can repurpose. A can of spray paint, some old picture frames and your christmas cards from the last few years make great decorations."

-Monica and Jess, Hosts of Knock It Off!


"Create a new family recipe together. Turning simple egg, sweet potato or sausage dishes into something unique can be really gratifying. You can add in flavors that your family will particularly enjoy with combinations of spices, olives, mushrooms and more. The possibilities really are endless and it can become a new family tradition."

-Chris Koetke, Host of Let's Dish


“When headed to that holiday party, bring something you love that is a little bit healthier to share with everyone. If you are throwing a party have everything pre-portioned in in fun holiday fashion. Every family gathering take advantage of having everyone together and go for family walks or hikes. Start new traditions like getting everyone signed up for a holiday 5k or a family touch football bowl. Anything to spend time together laughing and moving.”

-Ali Vincent, Host of Live Big with Ali Vincent




"Looking fabulous in a flash for that holiday party can be simple with the right steps.  Choose a simple, solid silhouette for your party dress.  Change up the look with jewelry, shawls, jackets, scarves, and even your hair.  It’s the perfect season for a dark, bold lip.  To keep your lipstick on your lips and not your glass of eggnog, brush some translucent powder on your first coat of color and then add on a second coat. " 

-Rebecca Spera, Host of Mirror/Mirror


"You can have mini adventures together as a family, no matter where you live. Try going geocaching together or take a day trip to a state park to see some local views you may not have seen in a while. Those are the memories that last!"

-Greg Aiello, Host of Motion


"Holidays are great for family bonding. Rather than putting one person in charge of a recipe, teach the younger generations those family secrets and get them involved early. My daughter has the perfect sized hands for molding meatballs. The time we spend cooking together makes priceless memories."

-Joey Fatone, Host of My Family Recipe Rocks


"Take a night to just be a married couple. The holidays are stressful for everyone, so hire a babysitter or call a favor from a family member and go stay at the Bed and Breakfast you've noticed around town. Getting recharged without the kids will give you a fresh start for the holidays."

-Rene Syler, Host of Sweet Retreats


To see where the Live Well Network airs in your market, visit:  http://livewellnetwork.com/feature/9291108


Holiday Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHNaXGJXcFQ

The Live Well Network is broadcast in the Tampa area on the following channels: 
Over the Air: 28.2
Brighthouse: 629
Knology: 134
Verizon: 462


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