GMO Apples are coming soon! Do you want to eat them?

Here is another reason to join the March Against Monsanto this coming Saturday here in Tampa and Worldwide:  

***GMO Apples will be coming soon to a grocery store near you!***  If we as consumers don't speak up and tell these biotech companies that we don't want genetically engineered fruits and vegetables and other products, then we will be eating them whether we want to or not (we actually already are). There is a movement in the country right now to require labeling of GMO foods so consumers can choose to eat them or not, but Monsanto and other biotech companies are fighting it with billions of dollars and false claims.  These apples will have no labels or any indication that they have been modified.  They will be in baby food, school lunches and Happy Meals or many other products.  The safety and scientific testing of genetically engineered foods has been left up to the companies that produce them and the FDA has given them free rein.  This should outrage every consumer!  The reason for the genetic modification of the apple is for pure greed.  The apples will not brown like regular apples and will increase the shelf life thereby creating more profit for the producers with no concern as to health risks for humans, animals or the environment (we are currently have a crisis in our Bee population due to GMO, pesticides, herbicides etc.).  Please go to one of the numerous organizations that are fighting for our food supply and educate yourself.  www.organicconsumers.org, www.justlabelit.org, www.responsibletechnology.org, www.NoGMOApples.com and more . . .

 If you are in Tampa area this Saturday, please join our March and make your voice heard.  The March is at Lykes Gaslight Park in downtown Tampa.  The Event starts at 11:00 with the March beginning at 1:00.  Go to FB Page March Against Monsanto Tampa or Bee Against Monsanto for more details.  This is a family friends event.  Other events are planned worldwide in cities across the United States and Europe.  Go to FB Page March Against Monsanto and find your City!  Be part of the change!


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