5 Things To Know Today

Good morning, Temple Terrace! It's June 29, and here's what's going on.

1. Check out the second story in our July 4 series. It has info you should know about city offices and roads that will be closed for the Independence Day festivities and what you can and can’t bring to the golf course when you go to watch the fireworks.

2. Faith Community Nursing at St. Joseph’s Hospitals and South Florida Baptist Hospital and LifePath Hospice will conduct an tonight. Participants will learn how to create a living will that provides written instructions in the event they can't express your wishes on your own. It's not the most pleasant topic, but it's important.

3. If you're looking for some live music tonight, check out the at Shamrock's Ale House, at , or the electric stylings of at .

4. Want to know about the crime that took place in the last few days? Check out courtesy of TTPD's Tracy Mishler.

5. Will you be attending NASA's final shuttle launch on July 8? If so, let us know!


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