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Cirque Italia is an Italian entertainment company that brings a performance of European style.  It is truly described as a “vivid, dramatic, and moving experience under a customized traveling tent.” Cirque Italia brings the appreciation of production and circus arts together to create a night to be remembered.  

Cirque Italia presents “ACT 12.” The name reflects the first year of their opening show of 20'12'in America.  With an “unique feature” under tent, guest will be surprised, for it’s a show of its own!  Cirque Italia brings talented artists from across the world under the big top that will really have you wanting more.  They bring unique aerial acts, hand balancing, contortionists, hula hoops, and many more surprise performances that are breathtaking.   They have created a show that is magical, modern, breathtaking, and most importantly –unforgettable!


Meet Cirque Italia's owner Manuel Rebecchi. Manuel was born and raised in Milan, Italy and came to the United States in2003. He spent his childhood traveling across Italy and Europe with his aunt, the famous Moira Orfei and her incredible circus. His uncle, Massimiliano Nones, is a recipient of the prestigious Gold Clown award, which was given to him directly by Prince Ranieri of Monaco.

Manuel's passion for circus and love of fabulous performances runs deep. To finally have the opportunity to make this passion a reality in America is a dream come true for him. Manuel is thrilled to be able to share this reality through the presentation of Act 12! 


Cirque Italia is not your average, traditional circus like the many others we have here in the United States. Manuel's vision is to present something new and fresh, with an exceptionally modern theme that has never been seen before - a sort of Soleil meets Age of Aquarius! The show "Act 12” is unique for it's moveable water stage as it will allure audiences through colorful dancing fountains.  Cirque Italia production will stun and charm audiences with all-European style, performance art, drama and quirkiness through their tents, shows, and equipment rentals which represent a new tradition of circus, performance art and event hosting.


Cirque Italia wants audiences to experience an European show at an affordable cost.  To experience an artist interaction, audiences can get a “FRONT ROW TICKET PRICE AS LITTLE AS $40.00! ”Most competitors can't beat their price point, and bring the same “quality” to a show.  With financial hard times today, Cirque Italia is really allowing more families the freedom to come to their show.  They want fans of all ages to be able to get souvenirs, munch on sweet treats, and experience this attraction without parents being concerned about a fun family evening out.  Mr. Rebecchi worked closely on making sure ticket prices were reasonable to his audiences, but yet still be able to run his costly dream.  The Cirque Italia team wanted kids tickets cheaper and offer a special deal for Mosi Members! 


Jennifer Cascardo, Cirque Italia's Promoter, has enjoyed other events at Mosi and has close relations with those that continually work to enhance the reputation and success of Mosi.  The collaboration of Mosi and Cirque will further aid in the mission of family and friends gathering together to enjoy events at appropriate pricing.


Cirque Italia is focused on having their audience drawn into the performance.  They want kids and adults to feel the passion that they have for the arts.  That is why they have the Producer, Chante' DeMoustes on their team.  With her nationality being french and greek, as a young girl, she grew up around and influenced by her parents culture with the arts.  She keeps the arts still very close to her throughout her life. With sixteen years of production and entertainment background, her artist expression brought various forms of arts together to create imagery inside the Big Top.  Her responsibility for making arrangements for every aspect of the production is preparing it for presentation for the audience.  You will see and experience all aspects in the show through the lighting and technical design, audio and visual design, show development, costuming, and interior &exterior design which makes ACT 12 a must see show.  Manuel Rebecchi states, being the recipient of many personal letters, and most importantly being recognized through all forms of social media, states “I am honored to know that upon being greeted each evening by our audience that we are doing something great for all those that share the love for the creative arts.”


Having humbly sold out most of our performances before you miss your opportunity, get your tickets to witness something truly vivid. Please go to Cirque Italia website to check out their gallery of artist, biographies, video footage, souvenirs, calendar of dates & times, media announcements, booking and contact information.  To get tickets visit Mosi.org or CirqueItalia.com


As Manuel would end this, Ciao bei ragazzi........ See you under the tent Nov 1st-Dec 2nd of 2012!




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