What Would You Improve in Temple Terrace in 2013?

If you could make a New Year's resolution for Temple Terrace, what would it be?

More than 45 percent of Americans make a resolution every year, according to statisticbrain.com. Some people vow to live a healthier lifestyle, others promise to spend more time with family, and many say they will try to save money.

As millions of Americans make resolutions to improve their lives, what could we do right here in Temple Terrace to make it an even better place to live?

Maybe you'd like to see more events in the downtown redevelopment area? Perhaps it's time for more community projects like the Temple Terrace Community Garden

What's on your wish list? What is one thing you would improve in 2013? Tell us in the comments section below or blog about why you love living here!

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Madelynne Johnson January 01, 2013 at 03:20 PM
The city of Temple Terrace should get the downtown redevelopment area back on track and moving ahead toward completion.
Leslie Strange January 01, 2013 at 06:14 PM
If they build the arts and cultural center, there WILL be more events in the downtown area, as well as restaurants and stores for the crowds that will be attending those events.
Alex January 01, 2013 at 09:32 PM
Aside from the redevelopment back on track, I'm not sure? Temple Terrace is still a decent town, but it's gone downhill in recent years and doesn't have the charm it once had. Take Vanderbacker Rd. Most of the homes on it are extremely nice, while a lot of the property's around the corner on E. River are run down (I said most, not all) I feel as a lot of the old upper crust die off slowly more newcomers who rent homes move in, and before you know it, Temple Terrace is another Temple Crest area (40th & Sligh)
Tani January 02, 2013 at 06:24 PM
I agree with Alex. We need more home owners, not renters, in Temple Terrace. Bring home ownership pride back to our town!
Alex January 02, 2013 at 07:56 PM
I hate to get on high horse, but I also find it embarrasing that a bronze statue of the mayor was errected amidst overgrown weeds and empty lots. I fully could understand, albeit it still is narrasistic to have a statue in the first, if the project was completed, but doing what they did was hanging the curtains on a house you're building when the root isn't even on! "Our dream became a reality" Wow! Some dream Afonti! I know this isn't the most pressing issue, but where is the outcry? This whole redevlopement drama has been going on for way too long! Most of the residents were against the origional plan and what made you think this would improve Temple Terrace? My opinion is, they should have repaved the parking lot the way it is, maybe put some new facades on the buisnesses such as Calico fashions and Pet wize and left it the way it was. Sure, the old Kash and Karry location was a huge black hole that needed to be filled, but do you think that if you had you're way and completed the project you wanted that Temple Terrace would be transported in the 21st century and be a hip contempory epicenter? Temple Terrace needs to make itself more appealing to family's who want to relocate here, not just college students who rent an apartment near to campus. We used to have a real nice 4th of July parade that went down 56th St, now 56th is so congested no one would to think about closing it for 5 minute, let alone 5 hours. I only have 46 chars left, so I will end rant
Kathryn January 07, 2013 at 08:15 PM
An idea for Temple Terrace....change peoples thoughts about Temple Terrace. How about developing a theme around Temple Terrace being a health's nut place to live. We have such beautiful places to run and exercise. If we developed that theme more by putting in our own zip line parks for kids and adults and also by developing our running community (ex. running clubs for different age or gender groups.) I think that by brain storming we could obviously come up with a bunch of awesome ideas. By developing this theme we could attract people who want to live in a exercise focused community. By having a niche it would make us stand out and attract people to this area. We have to hook people in to make them want to consider living here.
Alex January 07, 2013 at 08:39 PM
I agree, that's a good start, but I feel Temple Terrace has changed, and there's no going back to the "good old day's" What I call the Jo Jeter days when Temple Terrace was in it's glory. I do think it's silly that realtors would bypass TT for Wesley chapel and New Tampa for new residents. Temple Terrace is so insanely central to so much the Tampa area has to offer!! To be honest, although it's charming in it's own way, but Temple Terrace is really laid out in a convoluted way. There's no getting around that. I've been here 20 years, and I'm just now getting my head around how the streets south of Bullard interconnect. I of course realize that it's because of the golf course amongst a couple of reason as to why it is that way.
Jessica Mendez January 08, 2013 at 01:41 PM
I live off of Davis Rd. and it would be nice to have a arts center close by, the downtown area competed, and maybe remodel the rec center on TT Hwy & 78th (it's so dated). Maybe a monthly farmer's market (one Saturday or Sunday a month?). It seems to me that TT used to be so family friendly back when I was a teen. Now that I have a family, not much to do w/ the family here. :\
Alex January 08, 2013 at 07:33 PM
Do you remember the farmer's market next to city hall? And like I mentioned, the huge 4th of July parade on 56th, also, even in the years after they stopped the parade on 56th, the Baptist church had a big picnic on the 4th open to the public, now that's gone as well. I swear, this town is in a rut!
GLORIA January 12, 2013 at 06:55 AM
Improve police presence around the area of 50th street and Sligh where there is so much drug dealing and crimes going on a daily basis. It scares senior citizens in the area who are decent residents!!
Alex January 12, 2013 at 08:20 PM
Sorry Gloria, but just like the Iciban steak house that was featured as being in Temple Terrace, it's in Tampa. You had me scratching my head thinking that the city annexed new land, but 50th and Sligh is Del Rio in Tampa.


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