Showers, Thunderstorms Moving into Temple Terrace Area

The severe thunderstorms forecast for Wednesday may not be as bad as anticipated, but Temple Terrace residents should expect to get wet.

As a line of storms that extends from Jacksonville to the Gulf of Mexico begins to move into the Temple Terrace area, forecasters at the National Weather Service’s Ruskin office say there’s a silver lining in Wednesday’s forecast.

“The organization is somewhat underwhelming,” said meteorologist Dan Noah. “The severe threat we were anticipating is somewhat diminished.”

This means that many parts of the Tampa Bay area may not experience the severe weather that was initially forecast.

Even so, Noah warns, the potential for thunderstorms and strong rain does remain.

The storms should hit the Bay area later Wednesday morning or by early this afternoon. Once they clear out, expect slightly cooler temperatures Thursday. The high that day is expected to reach around 66 degrees in most of the region, which is about 5 degrees cooler than normal, Noah said.

Rain chances are minimal on Thursday and Friday, but will begin to increase again Friday night, Noah said. Storms are expected on Saturday and so is a high in the mid to upper 70s.

For a complete look at Temple Terrace’s forecast, visit the National Weather Service online.


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