Last Chance: The 2012 Renaissance Festival

In an effort to make your life easier, we'll let you know when it's your last chance to do something. Whether it's seeing a particularly popular show, signing up for Little League or paying you property tax, we're on it.

You know those things that you say you're going to do, but then you find out on Wednesday that the day before was the last chance to do it? Like, say, buying tickets for a special event, or seeing you neighbor's kid in the local play? Well, we're going to try and let you know when that deadline is looming. If you know of an upcoming last chance for something, let us know. That way, we can all help to make each other's lives just that much easier. 

Here's something to know as you plan out your week. 

What: Bay Area Renaissance Festival is coming to an end
Where: 11315 N 46th St, Tampa, FL 33617
When is the last day? April 1, 10 am – 6 pm
How do I buy tickets? You can buy them online, or just show up at the gate!


If you go, be sure and share some photos with us.


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