Gun Appreciation Day: What’s Temple Terrace Saying?

Gun supporters are asking people all over the county to stand up for the Second Amendment on Jan. 19. Temple Terrace residents have their own opinions about the issue.

As Gun Appreciation Day approaches, people are lining up on both sides of the issue to state their opinions and make their stands.

The national movement is being recognized Jan. 19 as a call for gun supporters across the country to let Washington, D.C., know they don’t want their rights tampered with.

We recently asked people across the Tampa Bay area for their opinions about the movement. Here’s what Temple Terrace Patch readers had to say:

The Collinwood school fire (also known as the Lake View School fire) of Ash Wednesday, March 4, 1908, was one of the deadliest disasters of its type in the United States. 172 students, two teachers and a rescuer were killed. Fire was not outlawed and matches were not restricted. We put safe guards in place (fire safe stairwells, alarm systems, fire-safe materials, painc bar latches, etc) When will we do something with schools when it comes to these acts of violence? You can outlaw all the guns/bullets you want, you can even outlaw "crazy" but evil will still happen.
-       Daryl Dixon

What are your thoughts about Gun Appreciation Day? Share them in the comments section.


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