Got a Problem? Temple Terrace Patch is Here to Help

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Are the potholes on your street driving you crazy? Maybe you’re worried about an overgrown lot near your home? Perhaps you’re wondering why the county hasn’t put in a stop sign at that intersection where you’ve seen three near-accidents in the last week?

Temple Terrace Patch is here to help!

At Patch, we do more than just serve up stories we find around town. We’re also here to listen to your questions, concerns and comments. From checking into street-level, neighborhood concerns to asking elected officials tough questions about how their decisions impact you, we’re ready to help cut through the red tape on your behalf.

Temple Terrace Patch is also the place to turn to get your unusual questions about the community answered. If you find yourself driving around town, looking at things and saying “What’s up with that?” chances are, other people are asking the same question, too.

If you have a big concern or a little nagging question that’s just driving you nuts, let us know about it by commenting on this story.

And, be ready Temple Terrace Patch readers, we may call on you from time to time to help answer questions, too!


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