Moffitt Researchers Publish Book on Cancer in Adolescents, Young Adults

The text examines advances in experimental medicine and biology.

There was a time when a diagnosis of cancer in adolescents and young adults was like a death sentence.

But over the last 40 years, advances in the treatment, screening and early diagnosis of cancer have turned that historically fatal verdict into an 80 percent survival rate, according to .

Moffit researchers Gwendolyn Quinn and Susan Vadaparampil, who both hold doctorate degrees, have studied the quality-of-life issues in survivorship, including fertility preservation and other reproductive health issues, according to a Moffitt press release. Now, they’ve published a book, “Reproductive Health and Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults,” which analyzes the impact of cancer on reproductive health and examines options available to young oncology patients.

Brad Zebrack, associate professor of social work at the University of Michigan and a cancer survivor, noted in the release that “as a researcher and advocate whose work focuses on the quality of life for cancer survivors and their loved ones, I feel that this text is an invaluable educational resource that targets unique needs and issues faced by young adults fighting cancer during their reproductive years.”

Quinn is an associate member and co-director of Survey Methods Core Facility at Moffitt and is an assistant professor at the College of Medicine. She earned a master’s degree in educational psychology and a doctorate degree in psychology from Florida State University.

Vadaparampil is an associate member at Moffitt and is an assistant professor at the University of South Florida College of Medicine. She received a her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Health Science Education from the University of Florida, a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University with an emphasis in Epidemiology, and a doctorate degree in Health Behavior from Indiana University.

The book is available on Amazon. For more information, visit the Reproductive Health and Oncology Institute online.


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