Mother, Daughters Share Same Birthdate by Chance

Fred, Kim, Mia and Emalyn Gauna have three reasons to celebrate on March 20 every year.

For most of us, March 20 is just another day.

But for the Gauna family, March 20 is a special date for three reasons—or three people to be more precise.

Kim Gauna was born on March 20, 1979. On March 20, 2009, she gave birth to her and husband Fred’s first daughter, Mia. This year, the family welcomed daughter Emalyn to the world on—you guessed it—March 20.

“It’s a strange coincidence,” Fred says.


Finishing brunch at their Temple Terrace home, Fred, Kim and Kim’s parents, Fred and Linda Forster who are visiting from Missouri, talk about the quirky, yet significant date.

“The only thing that we really planned (this time) was a springtime birth,” Kim says. “I didn’t want to be pregnant in the summer.”

Three-year-old Mia’s due date was March 20, and she came right on time. Newborn Emalyn’s due date was March 22, but Kim says her doctor wanted to induce labor on March 20 so she could be available for the delivery at . As luck would have it, Kim ended up going into labor naturally on March 20.

“We really didn’t think she’d make it that long because she was having contractions earlier in the month,” Kim’s mom, Linda, says.

Kim admits that she didn’t always want to have kids, but she warmed up to the idea. What changed her mind?

“Your amazing husband!” interjects Fred, causing the whole breakfast nook to echo with laughter. Kim nods.


As baby Emalyn sleeps nearby, older sister Mia announces that strawberries are her favorite fruit and she’d like some more, please.

Mia talks about her third birthday. She opened presents from her grandparents and her favorite one was “Sesame Street.”

Mia knows that she also got a baby sister on her birthday. When Fred asks her who has the same birthday as she does, Mia points to Emalyn and Kim.

Fred says that when Mia was introduced to Emalyn, she had one thing on her mind.

“The first thing she said is, ‘I want to hold my baby sister,’” Fred says, adding he hopes the girls will be close as they grow up. “We’ll see what happens when they have to share toys.”


Fred points out that the family has another quirky coincidence. Not only do he and Kim’s father share the same first name, his father and grandfather are also named Fred.

“I was hoping for the 20th,” Fred says of Emalyn’s birthday, “because it makes it a lot easier on me.”

Fred grew up with two sisters, and recalls being forced to play with Barbies. He says it was good practice for his role as a father of two daughters.

“I always knew I wanted to have kids,” he says.


Kim and Fred both work at . Last year, they took Mia to Disney World for her and Kim’s birthdays. Kim speculates that the Disney trip might become an annual celebration now that Emalyn has been added to the mix.

The couple says they know things are about to get crazy.

“Having a 3-year-old and a newborn is hectic to say the least,” Kim says.

But they agree that they couldn’t be happier—or luckier.

“We tried playing the lottery, but we didn’t win,” Fred says. “I wonder what the Mega Millions was.”

Kim smiles again. “Probably 320,” she says.


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